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In Which I Explain Sport Peppers

I do a Q and A for the London Telegraph on the subject of Chicago:

My kind of town.

They cut some stuff. For example, under the category of souvenirs, I added the extra suggestion of a local or state politician, since they are obviously for sale, and Rod Blagojevich is small enough to fit into your luggage.

But of course they cut that and left in the part where I diss the Taste of Chicago. But I said it, so I guess I own it.

“In Which I Explain Sport Peppers”

  1. Blogger Ruth Anne Adams Says:

    And after the "Taste", there's the "Waste of Chicago." It does, however, rival the Minnesota State Fair for food-on-a-stick.

  2. Anonymous snarkydoodle Says:

    Now I see why I am utterly confused.... Michael Reynolds, Michael Grant, Mencken.... blah blah. No wonder I can't find you on facebook. Saw your posts on Rick Moran's Right Wing Nut House. Enjoy that site immensely and your blog is entertaining.

    Lisa Gibertini

  3. Blogger Lionheart Says:

    Good luck on your book tour. After I discovered that you were a real author that could actually be enteraining, I have newfound respect for you- in skill only. You're still a lefty loon, but I mean that in the complimentary way- you are a true believer, and I respect that.

    I'm sure my compliment must mean so much, since nobody else seems to compliment your work (tongue-in-cheek... I read Mr. King's note to your editor. I agree with you, there could be no higher complimenter, if there is such a word).

    Your friendly nemisis,

    Lionheart (Michael Berry)

  4. Blogger Frank Says:

    Wait, is this the same m reynolds who use to write about the mighty midd? OMG I believe it is. Jesus tap-dancing christ man, how long have you had this other blog?

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Would you start collecting your comments at various writing sites and publishing them here, already? I feel like a stalker, reading ten blogs and saying, 'Well, that guy makes a good point!' and seeing it's you again.

    Also: Richard Stark. Yes.

  6. Blogger Chris Eldin Says:

    You bragged about a wardrobe malfunction on EA's blog, but there are no pics here to back it up...

  7. Blogger C. Sue Says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Send me an email if you feel like it, and we can banter wittily...

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