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Is There Medication For This?


Fight! Fight! Fight!

In this corner it's Michelle Malkin who I like to think of as the female Ann Coulter.

And in the other corner -- the corner with the guys who scratch their eyeballs, think they're Bonaparte and are in frequent communication with anal-probing Venusians -- Dean Esmay.

Just a snippet because I don't want to spoil your fun. Here's Dean reacting to one of his regular commentors:

Brian: You lying traitor. I have provided specifics time and time again, and all you have offered in response are vague handwaving generalizations and out-of-context, cherry-picked quotations of the Koran.

Indeed, intellectual coward that you are, you have not answered my specifics, such as why you do not acknowledge Muslims like Hamid Karzai and Nouri al-Maliki as our allies. You do not do that, because you can't: you're such an intellectual lightweight that you say nothing about them—you God-damned Benedict Arnold turncoat traitor.

Oh, but you have some cherry-picked, out-of-context quotes from the Koran, which you use to spit on our Muslim allies, you God-Damned traitor son of a bitch.

I hope you know I only keep you around to help emphasize my point: there are people on the Right who are fucking traitors, which is what you are.

Until you acknowledge and embrace our Muslim allies, that is all you will ever be: a fucking traitor [spit].
I didn't go through and put in all the crazy-person bolding Dean includes, so definitely read it all. You don't want to miss any of the subtle nuances of this profound thinker.

I told you people he's nuts. No one listens. Now you see for yourselves.

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“Is There Medication For This?”

  1. Blogger Dyre42 Says:

    I think he may have recently developed a tolerance to his meds.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Esmay's antics in the comment thread, and his initial, aimless attack on Malkin, are pretty pathetic. It's not the first time he's just completely lost it in an argument, and I'm sure it won't be the last. And that's unfortunate, because on this issue he's right on the merits.

    Muslim-bashing has gained a lot of popular currency on the right, to the extent that it's fairly well protected from charges of racism and bigotry at this point. That's not only immoral, but incredibly stupid from a strategic standpoint.

    I don't know what responsibility Michelle Malkin has for that situation, but I do know Ann Coulter and sites like LGF have sure done a lot to legitimize it. Calling it out is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, Esmay did so in a clumsy and amateurish fashion.

    Tom Strong

  3. Blogger M. Takhallus. Says:

    I don't disagree on the actual issue, although since I avoid LGF and Malkin I wasn't aware this was much of an issue.

  4. Blogger Tully Says:

    I told you people he's nuts.

    How often is it that I totally agree with you? You're right. He's nuts.

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