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The Wife and The Boy (Update)

I am torn here because I have something I want to post about, but I do my best not to forge Google connections between this PG-13 blog and my kid book writing. So I'll have to resort to a little link obfuscation.

I am pleased to announce the arrival of my wife's web site. K*therineAppleg*te.com.

I am even more pleased to announce that the site was created -- entirely -- by our son, Jake. Jake is ten. Not even ten and a half: ten.

Jake has been a geek (he wears the label proudly) since age four when we bought him his first computer in self-defense. (Self-defense because he'd get onto our 'puters and, shall we say, change things. Not always for the best.) He was installing OS's by age five.

Jake takes weekly lessons in a software language called Scheme, a dialect of Lisp. But he taught himself HTML, and taught himself to use Dreamweaver and Flash. He's all over the Mac OS but keeps in touch with Windows as well.

(The site is still under construction in parts, and we have a Safari glitch which Jake is working on.)

UPDATE: Ooops, some IE issues as well. Works great in Firefox on Mac.

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“The Wife and The Boy (Update)”

  1. Blogger amba Says:

    Fuck, that's beautiful! The kid is not only a geek, he has an eye!

  2. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    H'e a smart little kid. You wouldn't believe the amount of code involved and the problems that had to be solved. Of course we still have to get it to work in IE. But all in good time.

  3. Blogger Pastor_Jeff Says:

    That is a well-done site. Did he do the upgrades here, too? This is the nicest Blogger design I've seen.

  4. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    Actually he did. He used an off-the-rack site but took care of Technorati, Digg, and a host of small additions. An hour ago he fixed the fact that I had a double picture of De Palma that I couldn't get rid of by getting into the code. The Lisp class he takes is adapted from a college course. You have to pass a test to get in and prior to Jake, the youngest kid who had ever even taken the test (and failed) was 12. Jake was 9 and blew right through the test.

    Sometimes I wonder who his real father is. Must remember to ask my wife.

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