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Debate Impressions.

Unlike you normal people, I watched the Democratic debate on MSNBC tonight. Don't pretend you watched it. I happen to know you watched Bionic Woman and spent half the time thinking, "So, does she have a bionic . . ."

I could answer that question. But instead I'll bore you with my observations, in no particular order:

1) Biden: The most qualified, thoughtful guy there. But he comes across as whiny, hectoring. He feels like yesterday's hero. All he's got going for him is the fact that he tends to be right about big issues.

2) Dodd: Genial, nice guy, but seems to think his "26 years" of experience are all the rationale he needs.

3) Kucinich: In a weird way Kucinich is Edward's nemesis. Edwards has nowhere to go but left, and every time he does the crazy little gnome is already two steps further left.

4) Richardson: He's right that he has delivered. Except in the campaign, where he is the most inept candidate short of . . .

5) Gravel: Seeking the Alzheimer's vote?

6) Edwards: he got off one good line against Hillary, but he's blocked to his left by Kucinich, and Hillary and Obama hold the center. I suppose he'd be the netroot's guy, which pushes him too far left for me. He seems too small to take the stage from Hillary or Obama.

7) Obama: If we didn't all know he was a superstar we might mistake him for a not terribly interesting pol with too little experience for the job he's seeking. He actually seems bored by the debate. Maybe bored by campaigning. The one time he tries to stick a knife in Hillary he looks down, either too diffident or ashamed to savor the moment.

8) Hillary: Okay, enough with the crazy person laugh. Message: I am not a robot. That aside, she's deft, she's agile, she's not Bill, but she's the class of this field. If there's a candidate who "feels" like a president, it's her.

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“Debate Impressions.”

  1. Blogger Tom Strong Says:

    Obama is, if anything, probably a little too clever to make a good president. He might make a splendid academic, however.

    In other news, you might enjoy this.

  2. Blogger Internet Ronin Says:

    OK, I'll play:

    1) Would probably make a great Secretary of State, the best in a quarter century, and possibly one of the best ever. But he probably won't take the job.

    2) Nice guy. Nice hair.

    3) 21st century Harold Stassen

    4) Biggest disappointment of well-founded high expectations since Bill Bradley. As VP candidate, would immediately put 25 leans-GOP electoral votes into serious play and probably deliver them (NM, CO, NV, AZ). Too bad for him that a VP Bayh bags IN, a solid GOP state, and anchors a contentious but Dem-leaning Ohio and thus garners 33 votes.

    5) Get off the stage old man.

    6) Made his fortune knowingly using junk science to destroy careers and lives. Talks a good game about "two America" but repeatedly fails personal opportunities to walk the walk.

    7) As predicted, novelty wearing off. Doing what's needed to get by and not much more. Inexperience showing more and more as well. Would be first President since Nixon addicted to cigarettes while in office.

    8) Only candidate with executive & legislative experience. No matter what the others say, 12 years as equivalent of senior advisor to Governor and 8 to President. Poised, confident and upbeat. Biggest minus: Last name (& Bill) Biggest plus: Last name (& Bill).

  3. Blogger Transplanted Lawyer Says:

    1. Irrelevant background noise. Perhaps sadly so.

    2. Irrelevant background noise.

    3. Shrill but irrelevant background noise.

    4. Obviously campaigning for VP at this point. Unlikely to get it.

    5. WTF?

    6. Wasn't he a moderate DLC'er three years ago? All of a sudden he's William Jennings Bryan? I don't buy it and I'm suprised anyone has.

    7. Needs to be Governor of Illinois first, before trying to be President. Must not screw up while waiting for Hillary to screw up. Unfortunately, has too often demonstrated an ability to screw up.

    8. Is she going to screw up? Not bloody likely.

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