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What, eight? Nine? Ten?

My debate questions from the audience:

For Biden: Can you answer a question without speaking in past tense about what you "did in the Senate?"

For Obama: Are you running for president? Or most popular prof on campus?

For Kucinich: How in God's name does a leprechaun like you get such a hot wife?

For Dodd: Why?

For Richardson: Oh, my God, could you be any worse? You're man of genuine accomplishment. But, sweet lord.

For Edwards: Do you not realize how fucking smarmy you are? If it was you against Romney you would shatter the space-time-continuum by creating a black hole of smarmy insincerity.

For Kucinich: Seriously. Do you have, like, a huge package? Is that it?

For Hillary: Resistance. Would you describe it as, um, futile?

For CNN: Could you please explain Wolf Blitzer? Does he work for minimum wage or something?

For Kucinich: I mean, damn.

My take? The Borg Queen is back, baby. Fuck off, John, you're not going anywhere. Barack? I'd love if it could be you, but it's not going to be. The rest of you? Spend more time with your families.

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  1. Blogger Randy (Internet Ronin) Says:

    RE: Kucinich - my first thought (before reading the post) was the same as yours. And my second, I see. What is it? *lol*

    Missed the debate (as planned) but I did read Sullivan's wrap-up and judging by his inability to be believably enthusiastic, I assume that you aren't exaggerating about Obama. (Like that line, too.)

    Ambinder, one of the Atlantic bloggers & a GOP pollster, seemed to be the only one who I've found who thought Edwards accomplished anything. Or was it Richardson? And does it matter?

  2. Blogger reader_iam Says:

    Wha--wha--wha (wha?)--whatever.

    Clearly, Michael will disagree, but IR, for what it's worth (no doubt not much), here's my view: Watching this one was not a waste of time.

    Oh, and as for the Kucinich thing?--reason #xxx why I think cattiness is not, in fact, confined to women. It's a human thing, and men do it at least as often and aswell.

    Frequently, however, it's less obvious. Just not in, for example, this case.

    (Miaow. Hissssss.)

  3. Blogger amba Says:

    It's the Venus Butterfly.

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