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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Huckabuffoon (update)

DES MOINES, Iowa — Mike Huckabee doesn’t want anyone to see his latest ad attacking Mitt Romney — that is, except for Tim Russert and more than 100 top print and broadcast journalists.

While presidential aspirants traveled to far-flung Iowa towns all day Monday, Huckabee held a noon press conference to play a new, negative ad.

And he did so, but with the caveat that he had consulted his conscience and decided 10 minutes earlier not to air it in the Hawkeye State. Huckabee said he did not wish to follow the “conventional” strategy of hitting back harder than your opponent’s attack.


Repeatedly, Huckabee volunteered that some in the press might take a cynical view of his abrupt change of strategy. He was right about that, as several questions made clear.

Before the questions even came, there was a gale of laughter from the news media when Huckabee said he was going to play for the reporters the very ad that was too negative for Iowa voters.

There are two theories: that this was ineptly Machiavellian, or that it was stupidly sincere. I have another theory: this late in the game there's no significant amount of air time available. It's all locked up. So the Huck never had the option of getting it on TV in wide enough play to matter. Faced with this, poor Ed Rollins and his second Idjit Candidate (Perot was the first,) cooked up this pitiful attempt to get free media while trying to look simon pure.

Which would make Huckabee not only inept, but a liar as well.

So, adding up the Huckabuffoon's essential traits, we have: ignorance, ineptitude, intolerance, hypocrisy, dishonesty and . . . affability. No wonder the farm wives of Frozen Spittle, Iowa love him so.

Update: From the AP:
Huckabee took himself off the campaign trail Sunday to shoot a negative ad. He bought $30,000 in television time to air the spot and called a news conference to unveil it.
Which kills my spin on the conspiracy theory. Damn.

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“Ladies and Gentlemen: The Huckabuffoon (update)”