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Uh Huh.

Yep. Chapel Hill. Where I live:

HILLSBOROUGH — Three UNC football players were the victims in a kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault incident involving two women, the university confirmed Thursday afternoon.

Chapel Hill police said the assault happened about 3:30 a.m. Sunday at an apartment complex in Chapel Hill where all three victims were bound with tape and then assaulted by the suspects.

At a bond hearing Thursday, Orange County Assistant District Attorney Morgan Whitney said police arrived at the scene and found two of the victims, tied up, in boxer shorts. The third victim was fully clothed with his hands tied.

At least two were sexually assaulted, Whitney said. He is still waiting on the final police report to see if the third man was also. None of the victims required medical attention.

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“Uh Huh.”

  1. Blogger reader_iam Says:

    This is SO very OT ... but ...

    I've been meaning to ask for a while if you remember Ian Hunter and his stuff. (Solo stuff; of course prior to that he was of Mott The Hoople.)

    I suppose it's perverse (except for the ways in which it is not) that I think of you when I, every once in a blue moon, listen to a particular song of his:

    Is there life, is there life?
    Is there life after death?
    Do you believe? Oh yeah!
    Is there life, is there life?
    Is there life after death?
    Do you believe? Oh yeah!

    Do you stop take another roller coaster ride
    Do I beg, steal, cheat or lie? Oh my is there life after death?
    Oh I wish I'd never smoked so much
    I wish I'd never felt the Devil's touch
    All that passes through my eyes so fast. Oh my.
    Is there life, is there life?
    Is there life after death?
    Do you believe? Oh yeah!
    Is there life, is there life?
    Is there life after death?
    Do you believe? Oh yeah!

    It's such a sad sad song
    Mother Nature ain't never wrong
    She always tells you when you're getting on
    Oh my, is there life after death?

    I can hardly wait to see my face
    Will I still have one in a different place
    Oh you'll forgive me if I hesitate, but oh my
    Is there life, is there life?
    Is there life after death? Do you believe? Oh yeah!
    Is there life, is there life?
    Is there life after death? Do you believe? Oh yeah!

    Is it any wonder, I feel just a little bit under
    I hear choirs filled with Fenders say return to sender
    Jumping information, I've got hyperventilation
    Will it help me if I walk the streets
    I gotta get down search around here dragged by my feet

    Oh no I never knew those (?)
    I'm gonna shake it, shake it, shake it, is there life after death
    I can't remember when I felt so sick and rough
    And now they're gonna legalise the stuff
    It sure tells you when you've had enough, off the cuff

    Is there life, is there life? Is there life after death? Do you believe? Oh yeah!

    Is there life, is there life? Is there life after death? Do you believe,
    I've run out of breath.

    Oh. My. It turns out that a video is available. I swear I've looked for that before (but maybe it was longer ago than I recall), but couldn't find it. But, reflexively, I checked again in the course of commenting, and what did I find?

    Eh, meh, heh, and whatever.


    Thanks for everything, Michael, in this year of 2007, on- and off-line. I hope you are enjoying the end of this year, however you celebrate it. Sincere best wishes and hopes a-bursting for you and yours as you all move overseas and continue to embrace the adventure of your lives. I am looking forward to following the new thread as you weave it!

    Well, enough of that (and this).

    Best and blessings,


  2. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    I had never listened to Ian Hunter. But I just downloaded a couple of tunes off iTunes. I'm always looking for new music.

    Merry Christmas to you in Iowa. I am so jealous. I'd love to caucus. Which I think tells you just what a pathetic poli-nerd I am.

    Make sure and give me a heads-up when you're ready to get back to blogging. Your voice is missed.

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