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Because It's My Bloody Right To Do So.

My new hero.

(Update) I've been trying to figure out where I found this originally, finally traced it back to Ace of Spades.

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“Because It's My Bloody Right To Do So.”

  1. Blogger fabius.maximus.cunctator Says:


    Thx for posting this.

    I followed it back via YouTube to the author`s blog. The following quotation stuck my fancy:


    "This strange union of the domestic left with foreign fascists has only one thing that holds them together: they all loathe Canada's western, liberal traditions."

    It s not just Canada of course. Britain, Germany, France the rot seems to be everywhere.

    Any such stuff in the States yet ?

    As a lawyer I was surprised by the attitude and obvious incompetence of the presiding officer or whatever it s called of that "commission" - like a 3rd rate 1st year law student at a moot.

    Obviously she couldn t handle a forthright answer at all.

  2. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    I think a lot of American conservatives would say "yes" in answer to your question. I'd agree with them, but within limits. There is a very thin slice of the US population that is effectively anti-American. There's another slice that is simply confused on multi-culturalism and the questions of right and wrong and inherent rights.

    The Left in this country finds it much easier to criticize the west than it does foreign cultures of any kind. That tolerance is admirable, except when it leads to moral blindness and the inability to stand up for core human values.

  3. Blogger Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    If Canada isn't proud of Mr. Levant please allow me to be. Just as a fellow north american if nothing else.

  4. Blogger Pastor_Jeff Says:

    My new hero.

    Mine, too.

    And I think you're right on the perspective you offered in #2. The true illiberal anti-Americans are a small percentage, Unfortunately, they seem to be over-represented in academia, which is why a much larger percentage are indeed confused about multiculturalism and tolerance.

  5. Anonymous Kevin Says:

    Finally took the time to watch the video. My hero too. I don't care what else this guy stands for, what he did on that video absolutely needed to be done and in fact should have been done by major media outlets when this whole cartoon bullshit first occured.

  6. Blogger Randy (Internet Ronin) Says:

    Has any mainstream publication in the United States dared to run those comics? I dimly remembering that every last one of them kow-towed to Mecca (or, rather, the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan) and declined to air or print them, Our national press lords only take on those tigers that they know to be made of paper, like the better part of the United States government.