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Camelot and Cowboy Metaphors

I endorse Obama, and right away Ted Kennedy does the same. Coincidence?

Okay, yes. Coincidence.

This is very important. The assumption had to be that if Hillary and Obama went the distance and we reached a brokered convention, that the Clintons would prevail by virtue of their super delegates and party infrastructure. But Kennedy has his own forces to throw into the battle. And if Kennedy goes for Obama it's likely that Gore will follow. We could see a super delegate stampede. (Images of old western movies, a nervous herd of super delegates, a coyote howls and off they run! Look out for the chuck wagon!)

Kennedy also carries quite a bit of weight in the Super Tuesday states of Massachussetts and Connecticut. And he, along with Caroline Kennedy, helps to flesh out the Obama narrative: not a Clinton restoration, but Camelot II.

But it's the stampede scenario that is the bigger problem for Hillary. If Teddy, Gore, Bill Richardson, Biden, Dodd and other Dem heavies head for California in the next couple of days they could -- just barely -- end this thing on February 5.

I think something big happened yesterday. I think it was an almost organic rejection of the Clintons. Like an organ that isn't quite a match. If the super-D's stampede then Hillary will end up with hoofprints all over her pantsuit.

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“Camelot and Cowboy Metaphors”