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Obillery Debate

You want to know the difference between the intranecine fight in the Democratic arty and its counterpart in the GOP? Wolf Blitzer says to Obillery that Democrats, "look at you and see a dream ticket." And the audience erupts in loud applause.

Can you imagine that happening in a GOP debate? Would a Republican audience do the same in response to a suggestion that McCain and Romney run together?

Not a chance. The bitterness in the Democratic party is just between Hillary and Barack. The bitterness in the GOP goes down to the grassroots.

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“Obillery Debate”

  1. Blogger reader_iam Says:

    Yeah? With whom on top?


    Mmmm .. I think we saw a close cuz to to it.

    Don't know. You're likely right. OTOH, we're still at four people in in the Republican debates, and there's not been this pressure to "reconcile," because there hasn't been the exact same dynamic.

    Also, McCain and Romney aren't interchangeable in multiple ways in an analogous fashion, as compared to the Dem side, and that's even before you get to the grand-scheme "win-win" metaphor (which, regardless of anything else, is also a reflection of the obvious, concrete reality of going straight into the historical books) to which the latter can lay claim, regardless of the final choice of party candidate.


    Hmm. You could be right. But my gut is that you're understating in terms of the former, and while not necessarily overstating in of the former, maybe too narrowly construing the roots--or, no. Perhaps overestimating the number of grassroots available to cover the acres? Or how many acres require the cover of grassroots?

    Oh, eh, enough. Just riffing aloud, especially with regard this last paragraph. That's it, and that's all.