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Pity the poor GOP.

Mike (The Huckabuffoon) Huckabee: Wall Street-bashing, bleeding-heart economic moderate and practicing foreign policy ninny.

Rudy (Who's Guarding My Mistress?) Giuliani: Pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun-control, torture-loving Mussolini wanna-be.

Mitt (The Flip) Romney: Formerly pro-choice, formerly pro-gay, formerly pro-gun-control, torture-loving, Jack Welch wanna-be.

Fred (Wake Me When It's Over) Thompson: He's "Right" on all the issues, but can't be bothered to actually, you know, run for president. Much prefers that he be annointed. But not during nap time.

John (I'm A Hero, Goddamnit!) McCain: The one great man in the race, but he dissed the religious right, then rolled over and begged them to rub his belly. Immigration liberal and tax moderate who often puts what he sees as truth and justice ahead of party loyalty.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the GOP.

It's 2008. Do they know where their party is?

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  1. Blogger reader_iam Says:

    often puts what he sees as truth and justice ahead of party loyalty.

    And that's so much of what's hated about McCain, when it comes down to it. I am convinced of this. Many Republicans are obsessed with idea of loyalty Party. This why otherwise sane and thoughtful people will say they'll support Huckabee, despite the fact that, in more ways than not, he's a walking, talking betrayal of Conservative principles--the very ones that they supposedly hold dear and which supposedly caused them to join the GOP in the first place.

    Very sad, really.

  2. Blogger Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    What's really sad, Michael, is that like the infamous MSM, you've left Ron Paul off the list.

    Rudy Mussolini got a whole 3% of the Iowa caucus and Ron Paul got 10%. The two immediately in front of Ron were tied at 13% each. A mere 3% difference is probably within the exit poll's margin of error.

    Why is Rudy still on everyone's lists on not Ron?

  3. Blogger Transplanted Lawyer Says:

    Because, HH, Giuliani has not breathed his last. He basically conceded Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina to other candidates, and is trying to set up for an Austerlitz in the Florida primary. Besides, Ron Paul is as much of a hypocrite as any of the rest, a lunatic to boot.

  4. Blogger Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    As long as his "hat's in the ring" then he should be reported on, allowed in the debates, etc. like the rest.

    I read your blog posting and I have to concur with your commenter, nicholas, "There are plenty of reasons to not take Ron Paul seriously, when you take what he says completely out of context."

    And as far as being a "lunatic" goes, how come someone who supports a program that's sucking money so hard you can hear the sound on both coasts and has never accomplished what it set out to do in the first place, is considered a serious candidate yet someone who stands and says let's stop spending money on that, it's not working is a lunatic?

    Not to mention that that sort of talk is why our political discourse is so incredibly FUBAR'd. Glenn Greenwald said it better than I could:

    "This whole concept of singling out and labelling as "weirdos" and "fruitcakes" political figures because they espouse views that are held only by a small number of people is nothing more than an attempt to discredit someone without having to do the work to engage their arguments. It's actually a tactic right out of the seventh grade cafeteria. It's just a slothful mechanism for enforcing norms."

    I don't agree 100% with everything Ron Paul stands for, but it would sure be a relief to me to have someone in that office that actually has read and heeded what the Constitution says.

    Even if he can't win he can change the conversation.

    Even if he should win and can't put through all his hoped for changes he could steer us closer to a constitutional path, maybe even set some momentum up in that direction.

  5. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    My failure to mention Ron Paul was affected by several factors. First, I was out of time. I knew I wouldn't have time later, I wanted to finish because I had to drive my son to school. So, an embarrassingly mundane excuse.

    By the sam token, if I'd been short on time and hadn't done Huckabee, I'd have kicked the whole thing over for a day. So, yes, I made a conscious decision to shrug off Paul.

    As I wrote somewhere once Libertarians are my secret political flirtation: I always check out their assess, but I never ask them out.

    Many long years ago when I was very young I was a big LP supporter. But they never moderated. They never accepted that their vision was a useful goal, but not a realistic destination. And while I'm interested in ideas, in abstractions, I'm as much interested in practical politics. As a practical matter, Paul may be a spoiler, but he's nothing else. He stands somehow outside the race, certainly outside the heat of the battle. Which is where libertarians tend to end up.

    So. I was in a hurry, and Paul was discounted enough in my mind that I could safely ignore him.