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Yes, I'm Dumb.

Hey, people. I have a business-y idea. I need to write a business plan. I realize I could find a template on-line somewhere, but aren't there, like, experts? People who can do this for you? If so, what are they called?

Seriously. I need someone to write a business plan. Obviously I'd pay. How do I find such a person?

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“Yes, I'm Dumb.”

  1. Blogger Transplanted Lawyer Says:

    They're called "management consultants" or "business consultants." Be prepared to pay for quality and insight -- the price is there in part to weed out the people who are not serious about their idea from the ones who are. Same thing with the lawyers and accountants you'll need to hire after you get your plan put together.

  2. Blogger Tom Strong Says:

    I'm no high priced management consultant - at least, not yet - but I am nearing the end of an MBA degree with a concentration in entrepreneurship.

    My time's pretty limited nowadays (I have my own business that I'm trying to launch), but I'd be happy to help you get started, at least.

  3. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    Thanks dude. I knew there was a name for those people. Appreciated.

  4. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:


    That'd be very cool. But only if you accept your full, regular rate. If you're interested shoot me an email or phone number to reynoldsapplegate at mac dot com.

  5. Anonymous Kevin Says:

    Speaking as someone who worked with start-ups a few years ago.

    You should work with someone in Tom's situation (i.e. finishing an MBA or recently finished) to put the idea together. It's a cheap way of laying it out so you can see if it really does pass the sanity test. It will also set you up nicely for the next step.

    Assuming it passes the sanity test. You'll want to get hooked up with some kind of management consultant. Find out what kind of businesses they've worked with in the past and what their track record is. Do the homework. You want these guys for their contacts more than anything else.

    If you're looking for funding and/or to bring in talent to help you run things, those contacts will make the difference. Good luck.