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The Debate

I was able just now to catch the last 45 minutes or so of the Texas debate, rebroadcast on CNN International. (Motto: You think regular CNN's boring?)

I have the feeling, based on very little, that Hillary knows it's over. And that at some level she's made peace with that. And she's decided to leave by the high road.

Nothing would do more for her future prospects. Nothing would be a more generous gift to her party and to the country.

I like them both. In an ideal world Obama would be president and Hillary would get HHS. Or even State. She's so smart. So prepared. So knowledgeable. She's charisma-impaired, and she has run a lousy campaign. But even though I'm with Obama, I don't want her to go away.

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“The Debate”

  1. Blogger bucyrus Says:

    Funny you say that, because I was sensing a little bit of a high road vibe in the Ohio debate, so I was hoping.

    But she broke out the aggrieved damsel act on stage in Ohio.

    Reminds me of that teachingtfable that ends with the line "I couldn'thelp it, I'm a scorpion. It's my nature."