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I Don't Hear Barking

Arf? No? Nothing?

You know the most interesting thing that's happened in the last couple of days? The thing that didn't happen: there were no sudden "revelations" about Barack Obama.

The Clintons are perfectly competent at doing oppo. I guarantee you they've looked under every rock. If they had something, they'd have planted it in the media yesterday or the day before.

Some would say no, the Clintons have been chastised by the backlash from their look-ma-no-fingerprints race-baiting on Obama. But I don't think that would stop them. They'd leak the oppo research to some 527, or to Drudge, and then denounce it.

If they had something. And if they don't have something, it's because there ain't nothing.

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“I Don't Hear Barking”