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Can She See Or Is She Blind?

Tonight the Iron Man trailer ran on TV. My wife was watching with me. When it was over, we had this conversation:

Her: "Is that some sort of reference I should get?"
Me: Long, puzzled silence.

Me: Slow dawning. Horror.

Me: "A reference? You mean . . . you mean, Iron Man?"

Her: "Is that something I should know?"

You think you know a person. 28 years, and it never occurred to me that the poor woman didn't know who Iron Man was.

Iron Man, for God's sake. It's not like we were talking Namor.

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“Can She See Or Is She Blind?”

  1. Anonymous bookfraud Says:

    my wife is completely "iron man" ignorant. then again, she was "x-men" ignorant until i schooled her, and was into the films, no matter how mediocre they were. she'll go to see "iron man" if i asked, and be totally into it. i guess i'm a lucky guy that way.

  2. Blogger Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    Oh hell. I know who Namor is. I had a very misspent youth.

  3. Blogger Melinda Says:

    That's Robert Downey, Jr.? Yikes!

    The years have not been kind.