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Tooting My Own

Starred review in VOYA. (They have the wrong cover shot, but that's our fault.)

"If Stephen King had written Lord of the Flies . . ." Quite possibly the perfect blurb from where I sit. Not a single thing wrong with being compared to King and Golding. Very cool.

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“Tooting My Own”

  1. Blogger kreiz1 Says:

    Your beautiful wife's gotta be shaking her head thinking, "just what he needs- a huge ego boost". Regardless, not a bad little write-up. Well deserved, I'm sure.

  2. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    She warned the children that Daddy's giant ego might suck all the air from the room.

  3. Blogger Hallq Says:

    Heh... interesting to see your book compared to Lord of the Flies. That's exactly what I thought of when I heard what the premise was. Now I have to read this book, just to find out how you managed to make a world wide Lord of the Flies scenario halfway suitable for children to read.

  4. Blogger Transplanted Lawyer Says:

    Damn, that is a good premise! You can write as many books as the market will support with that.

    What happens as time passes and the kids grow older than fourteen? Will they be whisked away a la Logan's Run? (Probably not, I'd imagine, you'd lose some of your recurring characters.)

  5. Blogger Tom Strong Says:

    See, sometimes giant sucking sounds are good for the economy.

  6. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    I'm not sure one book will be enough. It's good to have a nice, fresh book for each new chapter.

  7. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    Yeah, it's a good hook, if I say so myself. We've written a lot of series, but only two have had really good hooks. "Kids acquire the power to turn into ny animal they can touch and use this power to fight a secret alien invasion."

    And this one. "For reasons that are not immediately explained, every person over the age of fifteen simply disappears, and those left behind are mutating in unpredictable ways."

    By the way, we aged the characters up by a year since this Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) went out to reviewers. The Brits wanted it.

  8. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    I'm actually sweating the economy on this, wondering if parents will shell out 17 or 18 bucks. I mean, that's like, two gallons of gas.