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Veep Pledge

So the race goes on. And on. Also, on. Seven weeks until Pennyslvania. Seven weeks for Hillary and Barack to slap each other around.

Not a good thing for Democrats. We're going to need Pennsylvania in the general, so a seven week mud-wrestling match is not going to be helpful. I have a proposal. Because, as my regular readers know, I am all about helping.

I propose that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both announce now that whoever prevails, they will choose the other as their running mate.

Why is this a good thing? First because it will limit the attacks and the incivility. It will force the debate onto substantive issues. Pennsylvania would get a rational discussion of issues by two very smart people, rather than a contest of sneers and subtle slurs.

Secondly, it's what all Democrats want. The fact is we like both these candidates. We want them both. Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton. Most Democrats can live with either.

A simple pledge that takes all the negatives out of this race, preserves party unity, keeps media focus on the Democratic side of the race, allows fundraising to go on apace, and leaves Republicans unsure of quite how to run against them.

This is the message Howard Dean and the uncommitted Super D's need to deliver to Barack and Hillary: you're going to be in this together, united, even while you jostle for the top spot.

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“Veep Pledge”

  1. Blogger Ruth Anne Adams Says:

    You sound a lot like Rodney King.

  2. Blogger amba Says:

    Think McCain'll pick Condi Rice as his VP? Think she'd accept?

  3. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    He'd be nuts to. She was a lousy national security advisor and a lousy secstate. She's tied up in Iraq -- and not the McCain reformation of Iraq, but the original clusterfuck.