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50 Point IQ Differential

Never has any blogger more richly deserved a better bunch of comment-writers. Rick Moran is smart, thoughtful and honest. About half of his regular comment-writers are howler monkeys.

Please, some of you who regularly comment here, read this piece by Rick. It's Moran at his best. After you read it, leave a comment there. The guy deserves better.

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“50 Point IQ Differential”

  1. Blogger kreiz1 Says:

    Moran's commentary on Iraq has been outstanding, Michael. He's very much a realist, much to the chagrin of some of his readers.

  2. Blogger fabius.maximus.cunctator Says:

    michael reynolds:

    A few fairly good points in the post but they are not new. Seen that sort of thing argued rather better before.

    Then it goes off into a sort of mad rant about the "European" left who dare criticize the US admin because of torture. Once he has valiantly beaten down this man of straw he goes after the "hysterical liberals" for being defeatist, probably to please his readers.

    I do not have much sympathy for left wing ideas myself but I find the author`s attitude childish.

    Then he turns the question of torture and how to deal with it into "a matter of concience" - funny, I thought it was illegal and unconstitutional but let that pass - and declares "Anything else would be un-American". So what does that mean ? Is it worth finding out ?

    All in all: Unimpressed.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I'm getting a blank page from the link.

    Bummer, that.

  4. Blogger amba Says:

    There's a nobility about him, dammit.