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What, Another Blog?

Since I'm obviously incapable of keeping up with this blog -- or of contributing meaningfully to Donklephant or Poligazette where I have privileges -- it must be time for me to start a new blog.

Mostly I'll just be taking whatever I write here about our move to, and experiences in, Tuscany, and copy it at Another Lucky Bastard Living In Tuscany. But there will be some original content there as well.

I'm not giving up Sideways Mencken, although I admit to being temporarily bored with politics, and really preoccupied with paying work, non-paying work, and the staggering number of details involved in this move.

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“What, Another Blog?”

  1. Blogger kreiz1 Says:

    Michael Grant, huh? Cool. But why not just shoot for the pseudonym moon and make it Cary Grant or Clark Gable?

  2. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    That was actually in honor of the general, a hero of mine. First because he understood what needed to be done in the war. Also because he was a lousy investor and businessman -- something I can identify with -- but had great personal integrity. He had the balls to speak against the Mexican war. And he died writing to support his family despite being in terrible pain.

    Besides, I'm just not as cool as Cary.

  3. Blogger kreiz1 Says:

    And he kicked ass at Vicksburg. No argument here. Seems to be underrated historically however. Damn historians.