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A Brief History of Timelines

Democrat blogger says: Timeline.
Republican blogger says: Defeatist!
Democrat blogger says: Timeline.
Republican blogger says: Traitor!
Democrat blogger says: Timeline.
Republican blogger says: Coward!
Nouri Al Maliki says: Timeline!
Republican blogger says: He doesn't mean it!
George W. Bush says: Timeline.
Republican blogger says: . . . cue crickets chirping.

Is that a tumbleweed?

Hello? Republican bloggers? Anyone out there?

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“A Brief History of Timelines”

  1. Blogger Randy Says:

    Republican bloggers? Anyone out there?

    Probably not.

    FWIW, I thought the timeline was more like:

    Dem blogger: No blood for oil! (and he might use those WMD's)
    Rep blogger: Its about WMD's (and making the world safe for democracy)
    ---No WMD's found---
    Dem blogger: Lies! It's all lies! Out Now!!!
    Rep blogger: Six more months!!!
    ---a couple of years pass---
    Dem blogger: More troops!!!
    Rep blogger: Trust Rumsfeld!!!
    ---Exit Rumsfeld---
    Rep blogger: More troops!!!
    Dem blogger: Quagmire!!!
    ---troops escalation begins
    Dem blogger: Civil War is not our problem!!! Out NOW!!!
    Rep blogger: Stay the course!!! Six more months!!!
    Obama says: Timeline 16 months. Surge is failing!!!
    Bush says: Surge is working. No Timeline!!!
    Dem bloggers: War is lost!!! Timeline!!! Out NOW!!!
    Rep bloggers: Surge is working (well, maybe it is). No Timeline!!!
    ---surge appears to be working---
    Obama: Timeline!!! (Same one as before)
    Al Maliki: Timeline!!! (a new one)
    Bush: Timeline!!! (an even newer one)
    Dem blogger: Obama's timeline!!!
    Rep blogger: Bush's timeline!!!

    Toss in epithets of "Traitor!" "Chickenhawk!" "Blood-thirsty" "Defeatist," etc., wherever and whenever.