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Something Really Important

More important than the Democratic or Republican convention.  Not just a little more important.  Ten times more important.

More important than Iraq or Afghanistan.  More important than global warming.  Renewable energy.  Gay rights.  The housing crisis.  More important than all of it together.

It's a tidal wave that is rolling toward us, a new headline every week.  It may change the very nature of the human race.  

Wow.  Seriously:  wow.  

30 years ago I doubt we'll care much about the tensions between Barack and Hillary, or how many houses John McCain has.  But we will care about this.

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“Something Really Important”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    wow, You hyped this so much that I thought you were joking but damn, that kind of medical advance could be a real game changer. The possibilities, and the dangers, are staggering.