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Government Screws Me

This sucks. The federal government seized WaMu. Which is great!

Then they handed it off to JP Morgan. What the hell is that about?

I have a mortgage with WaMu on the house I can't sell in Chapel Hill. Had the federal government simply seized WaMu and held onto it, then, basically, as a taxpayer, I'd have owed my mortgage payment to myself.

I would have been fine with that. I could have written myself a check each month and then deposited it right back into the account. Now I suppose those people at JP Morgan will expect me to pay them.

Thanks federal government. Thanks a lot.

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“Government Screws Me”

  1. Anonymous MiM Says:

    Make fun of this if you will, but I heard a report on one of the news channels telling people that, yes, they do still have to pay the mortgage.