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John McCain: Scumbag Politician

I'm not going to even try linking to the many times I've lauded John McCain as a man. I'm not someone who has many heroes. But McCain was one of mine.

Past tense.

No one can or should diminish what McCain suffered for this country. He was brave. He was strong. He wore the uniform and served with distinction.

But I guess all that was a long time ago. Because now John McCain is just another two-bit politician willing to crawl through the gutter to achieve his goal. The man whose 2000 presidential bid was destroyed by racist slander is now reduced to lying about his opponent. And not just lying. Smearing. Just the way he was smeared, with a sleazy, despicable ad that does everything but call Barack Obama a child molester.

Watch the ad. Wait for the money shot. Know where it is? The one of Obama gazing down, as if leering at a child.

There are no accidents in political ads. That was a deliberate choice. The shot was chosen to make it seem Obama is leering at a child while the copy lies blatantly about Obama's record on sex education. While the VO talks bout Obama wanting to teach children about sex before they learn to read.

John McCain. From hero, to victim of political smears, to perpetrator of political smears.

John McCain. Maverick? No. Just another scumbag politician.

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“John McCain: Scumbag Politician”

  1. Blogger Transplanted Lawyer Says:

    I will not defend that ad.

  2. Blogger Tom Strong Says:

    I have a hunch - probably wrong - that this ad was a big blunder by the McCain people. They've got Obama on the ropes, but here they've seriously overreached. He's never had a better opening to make McCain look clueless.

  3. Anonymous ObamaWillWin08 Says:

    These lies arent going to work this time johnny! Amereica is fed up of the republican bumbling party. We dont want antother 4 years of George Bush

  4. Blogger Pastor_Jeff Says:

    Your guy just issued an ad ("Still") mocking John McCain for not knowing how to use the computer or send emails.

    Newsflash for the One: The injuries John McCain sustained from torture as a POW keep him from being able to comb his hair, tie his shoes, raise his arms above his shoulders, or TYPE.

    What the hell kind of a pathetic asswipe mocks the handicap of a man who was tortured serving his country?

    I won't hold my breath waiting for your post on "Barack Obama: Just another scumbag politician."

  5. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:


    More phony bullshit manufactured outrage from your side. More dishonesty.

    I don't type either but I manage to use a computer. So does my aged father and aged inlaws. So do people with one hand. Even people with no hands. What an asinine, pitiful, dishonest line of attack.

    McCain can't use a computer because he was a POW? Are you fucking kidding me? What do you want to bet there's a few hubndred guys sitting in Walter Reed right now using computers?

    And a charge of being "out of touch" is somehow the moral equivalent of implying a man is a child molester? The McCain ad is a deliberate, knowing lie.

    You make the point for me again: Republicans have absolutely no moral or intellectual integrity. Zero. There is no rationalization so abjectly ludicrous that you won't advance it in pursuit of partisan advantage. There is simply no bottom to your barrel.

  6. Blogger Pastor_Jeff Says:

    You make the point for me again: Democrats have absolutely no moral or intellectual integrity. Zero. There is no rationalization so abjectly ludicrous that you won't advance it in pursuit of partisan advantage. There is simply no bottom to your barrel.


    There's plenty of evidence (for those who can bothered to look) that McCain is actually pretty web savvy. He was recognized as such by the Boston Globe and the NYT in recent memory. Plus, needing to write one's own emails (as opposed to dictating them, which McCain does) is really a critical skill for the President. It's a bullshit issue, it's not even true, and Obama's juvenile criticism is based on the man's handicap. But, hey, you've locked up the all-important immature 15-year-old demographic, so I guess that justifies it all.

    And as far as McCain's ad, you've demonstrated that you're not interested in factual argumentation, so there's no point in asking you to read the bill and have a rational discussion on what the bill actually says and mandates. Your reading that McCain is accusing Obama of being a child molester says more about you than it does about McCain.

    But by all means, keep on accusing others of special pleading, obtuseness, and moral blindness to their own side's garbage.

  7. Anonymous MiM Says:

    I was with McCain before I was against him. His campaign has failed so many fact checks in television ads, I would be shocked to see an honest one at this point. As long as ignorant people keep believing the lines, the Republican campaign will keep laying out these lies.


    Where have you gone, John McCain?
    Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.
    "Maverick" McCain has left and gone away...

    Every way you look at this you lose.

    (apologies to Simon and Garfunkel)

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

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