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Krauthammer: Blame the Negroes

Who is to blame for the financial disaster that threatens the unthinkable? A Democrat in the White House?

Turns out, it's not Wall Street. And it's not the anti-regulation GOP. And it's not the Republican president who's been in power for 8 years.

You'll never guess who is really to blame. Turns out: it's the Negroes.

I have little doubt that some, if not many, cases of malfeasance will emerge. But what we conveniently neglect is the fact that much of this crisis was brought upon us by the good intentions of good people.

For decades, starting with Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, there has been bipartisan agreement to use government power to expand homeownership to people who had been shut out for economic reasons or, sometimes, because of racial and ethnic discrimination. What could be a more worthy cause? But it led to tremendous pressure on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- who in turn pressured banks and other lenders -- to extend mortgages to people who were borrowing over their heads. That's called subprime lending. It lies at the root of our current calamity.
It's confusing because usually in situations like this when the rich, powerful white people fuck something up and need a scapegoat it's the Jews who turn out to be responsible.

I mean, what's up with that? What, are Jews no longer capable of manipulating the world? Why am I even bothering to attend the secret weekly meeting? Suddenly African-Americans are in charge of the vast worldwide conspiracy?

Anyway, I guess we shouldn't be surprised. There's almost nothing that Negroes and Liberals aren't to blame for. There's no conceivable way Wall Street billionaires, the ruling party and the President of the United States could be held responsible. Clearly. I mean, you really have to be crazy not to see that the fault lies with working class black people trying to buy homes.

I'm just saying: I think there have got to be some Jews in there somewhere. I'm feeling just a bit dissed, quite frankly.

Once again I will repeat: there is literally no bottom to the GOP barrel.

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“Krauthammer: Blame the Negroes”

  1. Blogger Melinda Says:

    I must be darker than I thought. There was a horde of unscrupulous people who wanted to foist a subprime mortgage on me five years ago.

    Maybe I'm black and Jewish, like Sammy Davis Jr.

    Unscrupulous people go after vulnerable people, or people they think will be vulnerable. Given the right circumstances, we've all been vulnerable at one time or another.

    The thing that bugs me about Republicans is that too often, they blame the victim.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    They're digging deep into the playbook now if they trotting out "affirmitive action" mortgages as the culprit.

  3. Blogger Dyre42 Says:

    Dude, don't you remember?

    In '77 you guys were working on the Middle Eastern Oil crisis. You were simply just to busy to lay the groundwork to tank today's economy and had to subcontract that work out for a few years. Check the minutes from the latter half of 76 and it'll all come back to you.