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Not Just Dishonest: Stupid

The high Republican dudgeon over Obama's ad hitting McCain on computers is, as mentioned below, proof that Republicans will say literally anything in pursuit of partisan advantage.  Anything.  No matter how stupid.  No matter how ludicrous.  They will -- and I mean this literally -- defend a flat-earther if they think it means winning a news cycle.  They are utterly untroubled by concepts of credibility, honesty, fairness . . .

But what makes this all extra fun for me is the realization that they don't even know they've just been played.   Obama just took page one from the Rove playbook and worked it.

Ask yourself two questions as we come to the end of this news cycle:  1) Are we still talking about Palin?  2) What's the voter's take-away from all this?

Answer #1, no, we're not talking about Palin, we're talking about McCain.

And answer #2, the voter take-away is "McCain is so old he doesn't know what the internet is."

Both answers courtesy of the GOP Phony Outrage Machine.  (GOP-POM.)

Kids:  you don't do the whole hysterical rending of garments and public weeping act when it serves to magnify your opponent's message.  You do the phony outrage thing to distract from your opponent's message.  (And your own complete lack of a message.)

I'll tell you what I think.  I think it's probably true that McCain is largely computer illiterate.  The POW excuse is pure, Grade A bullshit.  I suspect basically we have here an old guy who's been rich and powerful for a long time and no more worries about his computer than he does his vacuum cleaner.

Not just old and out of touch.  Rich, powerful, old and out of touch.  Thanks to the GOP-POM, everyone got that.

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“Not Just Dishonest: Stupid”

  1. Anonymous MiM Says:

    Don't be so hard on the old geezer. An "Internet" was sent to him by his staff, but the series of tubes have been backed up. His "Internet" is in line behind enormous amounts of material, and got tangled up with all these things going on the Internet commercially. Fortunately Ted Stevens has volunteered to get McCain an "Internet" of his very own.

    Besides, my parents, who are older than McCain, just got their Internet tubes laid in the last decade. Now they have fiber optic. (FYI McCain: That's a really big tube, so your message doesn't have to wait in line for weeks to get delivered.)