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Lowest of the Low

Just in case any of you still doubted my contention that there is literally no bottom to the Republican barrel, there's Elizabeth Dole. Find the lowest point of the lowest gutter and you'll find Dole.

Elizabether Dole: Republican.

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“Lowest of the Low”

  1. Anonymous MiM Says:

    Thanks to Republican campaign ads, I've learned that the average American should live in constant fear and be afraid of, well, everything that's not conservative and Republican. Thank God they are there to tell us exactly what to think. Saves a lot of time actually using our brains.

    I've seen a few misleading Democratic ads, but the Republicans seem to believe you control the people through fear, hate, and lies. This ad is truly the lowest of lows. Perhaps Dole overlooked that Kay Hagan is a Sunday School teacher?

    The real deception is Elizabeth Dole representing a state she does not even live in. Her primary residence is in Watergate. I have probably spent more time passing through North Carolina than Dole has been there outside of campaign season. McCain is most likely glad at this point that she has avoided his campaign appearances in the state. If this ad gets any more publicity, I'm ready to count this seat in the Democratic column.

  2. Blogger Transplanted Lawyer Says:

    Thing is, Hagan is leading, and not likely to give up the lead. If she overcomes that kind of opposition on her way to Washington, what kind of a mandate does that give her?