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Okay, Maybe Just A Teensy Race Problem In The GOP.

From the comments at Michelle Malkin, despite her attempt to warn her readers away from blaming the Powell endorsement on race:

Is this endorsement a surprise to anyone? Colin Powell was the first affirmative action poser child for every office he ever held. He is certainly in favor of the first affirmative action president.

“It’s not about race”
“I read Playboy for the articles”
“The check is in the mail”
“Really, I didn’t know that was your sister”
“You are pretty on the inside”

No I am sorry, it is all about race, and finally Powell came out of the race closet for all to see.

What an a**hole you are, Powell. Of course your decision is based soley on race.

Hmmm maybe but race is certainly a factor.

Have to disagree with you Michelle. If Obama were a white liberal I dont think you would have seen this. It may not have been the main reason that (newbie RINO) Powell made this endorsement, but I believe it is a big part of it.

Its funny becuase he was a house nigger for such a long time according to his race. maybe he’s trying to fit in now. He is a RINO, and I am not suprised to here this news. Plus ws he any good at what he did? History be the judge.

The ONLY reason Powell is voting for Obama is color… period. The fact that Obama is going to follow anti-white, liberation theology is just icing on the cake.
Most blacks hate whites… it is axiomatic, and the liberals are opening up the chicken coop and maybe the prisons and definately my wallet.

I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments so someone may have brought this up already, but I think Powell did this for 2 reasons: #1 its about race and #2 he has always been regarded as a “white” african-american just like Condi Rice. This is his chance to break out of that and be more “black”.

Looks like Powell is acting like a “typical” black man.
I expected nothing more from him.

His specialty was, frankly, using his race and being a yes-man to whoever held power of his promotion.

At this point he is simply jumping on the bandwagon to support a fellow African American and regain his popularity with the media. Is this racists? By every indicator, provided by the MSM, Yes it would be charged as definite racism provided BO was a Republican. However, BO is a Socialist, ergo a charge of racism is not allowed to be levied.

I now put Powell in the same category as Oprah and many other prominent blacks. Do not do what is good for your country, do what is good for your race.

I think that to suggest that Powell was the first “affirmative action” Join Chief of Staff of our armed forces is a valid one.

I dare say Colin Powell support for Obama is about race. Why else would he come right out and say it isn’t about race. That is, by definition, the underhanded delivery of “RAAAAACIST!!!”.
BTW: Does Harry Belafonte still think Colin Powell is a House N****R? Or is he now a House N***AH?

Frankly, I think Powell is doing this to save his own skin (the fact that its got as much melanin as Obama’s might not be good enough for the coming regime).

The Republican base is rascist? Colin Powell’s decision to vote for Obama is purely a rascist move. There is no other reason when 92+% of the Black population are voting for Obama.

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“Okay, Maybe Just A Teensy Race Problem In The GOP.”

  1. Anonymous MiM Says:

    Can someone tell me why right wing conservatives are so filled with hate and anger to the point of rage?

    Can't possibly be good for your blood pressure...