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One More Crazy Prediction

John McCain's senate seat is up in 2010. If he loses the presidential election will he stick out the two years? Or will he resign early?

Arizona law apparently requires the governor to appoint a replacement from the same political party as the resigning senator.

So Arizona's Democratic governor, Janet Napolitano, would be required to appoint a Republican to hold McCain's seat until 2010. (Of course I don't think there's a law that she has to appoint an electorally formidable Republican.)

I believe McCain will be unable to swallow his pride and remain in an almost impotent Republican minority. I think he'll be angry and resentful -- of his own party as well as toward Democrats. His own party doesn't like him and would be very unlikely to place him in the leadership.

So, I think if he loses the presidency McCain will quit the Senate.

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“One More Crazy Prediction”

  1. Blogger Transplanted Lawyer Says:

    No way. He hangs out with John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, and Joe Lieberman in the Loser's Lounge for two years. For those two years, he can basically do whatever the f*** he wants.

  2. Anonymous MiM Says:

    I'm with the lawyer on this one. He's not the type to throw in the towel. He'll try to salvage his legacy as a "maverick", and find someone else to blame for his loss (Palin). Right now he probably regrets not going with Joe Lieberman.