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Pickin' It

No guts no glory. 10 days out. I'm bettin there is no "Bradley effect." I'm betting Obama really does have a ground game. And I'm betting the American people have decided it won't be McCain-Palin..

Obama: 55
McCain: 44
Other: 1

In the electoral college, a landslide 396 for the O man.

All of New England, the Northeast and the west coast. CO, NM, NV, MT and ND in the mountains and desert. The Midwest including MO and IN as well as OH. VA, NC, FL and yes, even GA. Hawaii comes in last.

He will not get a 60 seat Senate.

Bold, a little bit crazy, and best of all I have no money riding on this.

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“Pickin' It”

  1. Anonymous MiM Says:

    I'll take the under on that 396 and go with a "modest" 360. And I'll go with 58 on the Senate, but I would not be surprised to see 59. You know your party is in disarray when you risk losing a Senate seat to a former comedian.