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Your humble narrator.

3:21 am: Pelago, Italy:
Okay, seriously. I want to go to sleep now. Why don't I just go to sleep? Because of . . . wait a minute. Ohio for Obama. MSNBC. Fox agrees. Ballgame. Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.

2:42 am: Pelago, Italy:
Isn't it odd how quiet Drudge is? It's like they took the night off. No cherry-picked polls? No bizarre anti-Obama charges? Did his fedora finally smother poor Matt? CNN joins in on PA. Kind of hard to see how Obama loses this now.

2:36 am: Pelago, Italy:
F**k, we gave up Georgia. It doesn't matter to the election but it means I was wrong. And really, aren't my bragging rights what this is all about?

2:34 am: Pelago, Italy:
CBS chimes in with Pennsylvania. Legacy network unanimity.

2:06: Pelago, Italy:
ABC calls Pennyslvania and NH for Obama. Meanwhile CNN is babbling. What, no more holograms?

2:04: Pelago, Italy:
NBC calls Pennsylvania for Obama! If that holds up it's over.

2:02 freaking am: Pelago, Italy:
Decided against PB&J. Went with the grilled cheese. That's certainly the big news. Wolf projects a bunch of states no one gives a damn about. McCain gets Oklahoma. Obama gets Illinois. It was a good grilled cheese. Mmmm.

1:47 am: Pelago, Italy:
I'm hungry. Wish I had some gelato. Also better bourbon. Elections go better with Knob Creek. Sleepy. Not so much an election live-blog as a series of whines. How about a peanut butter and jelly? That might be nice. Give me some numbers! I'm sick of Gergen. I miss MSNBC.

1:40: Pelago, Italy:
Crappy Italian internet connection fading in and out. Bourbon taking toll. Stuck watching Blitzer. Honest to God, how does he keep his job? Is he not the single most boring person on television?

1:17 am: Pelago, Italy:
CNN has holograms. Ooookay. And this is cool because? Blitzer is talking about being able to have a more intimate conversation with Jessica Yellin. Eyes just lit up at LiveNudeGirls.com.

1:08 am: Pelago, Italy:
MSNBC's Scarborough: "This is a repudiation of the entire Republican party."

1:04 am: Pelago, Italy:
CNBC has cut off the MSNBC stream so I'm back on the internet link.

12:56 am: Pelago, Italy:
Norah O'Donnell of MSNBC reports that a GOP source in North Carolina has admitted that Elizabeth Dole is toast. Good. Dole's "Godless" ad was the sub-basement beneath the bottom of the GOP barrel. Good riddance, Liddie.

12:33 am: Pelago, Italy
. By the way, yes, I have TV. CNBC Europe is streaming MSNBC -- so much better than my herky-jerky internet feed. Also I have Fox and CNN International which is running with the US CNN feed. Thank God for that last: 20 minutes of CNN International will put you in a coma. CNNI is actually more boring than regular CNN which I didn't even know was possible. As for Fox, what is it with those people and the graphics? Is it news or a video game?

I'm also bouncing around the usual web suspects: HuffPo, Sully, Drudge, Kos, RedState and various web friends.

For those who care about atmospherics: Me, Katherine and Jake in our fairly bare, IKEA-furnished living room. Terra cotta-tile cieling and floor, whitewashed walls, giant fireplace no fire, the pug snoring, Goofy on the rug, all three of us on our laptops, me drinking alternately from a bottle of Acqua Panna and Jack Daniels.

It rained like crazy earlier, but it's clear now.

So far, reading the omens I don't see evidence that anyone thinks McCain is going to win.

12:28 am: Pelago, Italy.
You think the polls are closing slowly for you? 6:30 pm EST is half past midnight to me. I'm really hoping we get a call sooner rather than later. A lot going on in my life right now, I need my sleep.

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  1. Anonymous MiM Says:

    I assumed you were drinking when you picked Georgia. I have North Carolina for Obama, Missouri for Bush left on my map to get all 50.

    In the Senate races I went with the comedian, Al Franken in Minnesota and against the bad joke, Ted Stevens in Alaska. I knew Franken was a stretch, but I thought even Alaskans would not vote for an 84 year old convicted felon.

    I picked the Republican, Chambliss in Georgia. However it now appears there may be a runoff in December, in which case I reserve the right to change my selection at a future date. Not sure how they handle this in Vegas.

  2. Blogger Ruth Anne Adams Says:

    About that photo caption...humble narrator?