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Stuck In My Brain

Uno dos one two tres quatro.

Day man. Ah ah ah. Fighter of the night man. Ah ah ah. Champion of the sun.

Na na na na na na na, I want to start a fight.

I don’t go anywhere without my switchblade.

He’s a cat (meow) flushing a toilet.

I want to rock and roll all night.

You’re a master of karate and friendship for everyone.

Matty told Hatty, about a thing she saw.

He’s a cat (meow) flushing a toilet.

And party every day.

I don’t go anywhere without my crew.

Let’s not be L 7, come and learn to dance.

She left me for Jesus, and that just ain’t fair.

And while I hope I’m not like them, I’m not so sure.

Woolly bully.

Said I can take you home, where we can be alone.

He’s a cat flushing a toilet.

I think my dad’s gone crazy.

So what, I’m still a rock star.

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“Stuck In My Brain”

  1. Blogger Grace Explosion Says:

    Merry Christmas Michael.

    Now, I respect that you are an atheist at this time... so Happy Holidays or however you'd wish to be greeted.

    I'm "l" from Rick Moran's article on torture. I saw your response to me and responded back what was on my heart when I saw that and another comment.

    Just letting you know in case you'd like to read it.

    Blessings to you,


  2. Blogger Fern Driscoll Says:

    Oh thanks a lot - now there are 50 more tunes I can't get out my head,
    tomorrow's just a future yesterday.