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Javier's Suffering Delusions

Seriously? You're going to give me attitude? You?

You sell enchiladas in a fucking Orange County mall.

And by the way, the guacamole is oversalted, the shrimp and the chicken were overcooked, the stuffed pepper undercooked, and the aforementioned enchiladas might as well have been Old El Paso.

Shirttail-dragging, slow, lazy-assed, amateurish, can't chill a fucking martini, pick-up joint for boob-jobbed, hair-bleached, face-stretched-to-Joker-extremes grannies, and you're going to give me attitude because I bring kids into your wretched mall-mediocre faux-southwestern former Black Angus?

Alain Ducasse, Aqua, Charlie Trotter's, Spiaggia, Inn at Little Washington, Alinea, Michel Rostang, Tru, Taillevent -- none of them gave me attitude. And, interestingly, none of them are bending tacos and pouring watery margaritas for car salesemn in a dying Irvine t-shirt mall.

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“Javier's Suffering Delusions”

  1. Blogger reader_iam Says:

    And its website MAKES NOISE upon clicking over to it, one of my all-time pet peeves on the web unless you're a music site (or a MySpace etc.), and even then ... .

    It's clear it's a den of assholery, right there.

    Ha ha. VH = spunit