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Our Top 10 Obscenities

Your preferences may vary. These are ours:

10) Dick! (Includes Dickhead!)
9) Cocksucker!
8) Motherfucker!
7) Bastard!
6) Son of a bitch! (Variants: Son of a bitch! and son of a bitch!)
5) Asshole!
4) Jesus Christ! (Includes Jesus Fucking Christ! Jesus Tap-dancing Christ! Jesus Titty-fucking
Christ! and Jesus Christ fajita!)
3) Shit!
2) Goddam it!
1) Fuck! (Includes fucking! as an adjective.)

We're thinking of adding Banker! and Congressman!

“Our Top 10 Obscenities”

  1. Blogger Tom Strong Says:

    In our multicultural household, favorites include putz, saala (or saali), and bitch-bastard.

  2. Blogger Melinda Says:

    I'm partial to Jesus Horatio Christ, and also Jesus H. Christ on a Crutch (the result of an unfortunate walking-on-water incident, perhaps.)

  3. Blogger Cam Snow Says:

    Excellent list! I often find myself using "Christ on a Stick!" and then explaining, "well, at least that's how you always see him."