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Our Top 10 Obscenities

Your preferences may vary. These are ours:

10) Dick! (Includes Dickhead!)
9) Cocksucker!
8) Motherfucker!
7) Bastard!
6) Son of a bitch! (Variants: Son of a bitch! and son of a bitch!)
5) Asshole!
4) Jesus Christ! (Includes Jesus Fucking Christ! Jesus Tap-dancing Christ! Jesus Titty-fucking
Christ! and Jesus Christ fajita!)
3) Shit!
2) Goddam it!
1) Fuck! (Includes fucking! as an adjective.)

We're thinking of adding Banker! and Congressman!

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“Our Top 10 Obscenities”

  1. Blogger Tom Strong Says:

    In our multicultural household, favorites include putz, saala (or saali), and bitch-bastard.

  2. Blogger Melinda Says:

    I'm partial to Jesus Horatio Christ, and also Jesus H. Christ on a Crutch (the result of an unfortunate walking-on-water incident, perhaps.)

  3. Blogger Cam Snow Says:

    Excellent list! I often find myself using "Christ on a Stick!" and then explaining, "well, at least that's how you always see him."