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Republicans: So Completely Fucked.

I swear to God I have tried to help my Republican and right-of-center friends. I've tried to warn you that Obama was neither a fool, nor Bambi, nor a radical, nor a crook, nor a naif. I tried to tell you.

But, no.

I said, this guy is smart. This guy is subtle. This guy is ruthless. He's going to bend you over and the smart move, the only smart move, was to grab a piece and claim an assist.

And none of my Republican friends listened.

The GOP jumped out there to present its goose-egg on the stimulus plan, sticking their aged, palsied chins wayyyy out. And tonight Obama delivered a Sugar Ray Obama uppercut that knocked the silly twats on their asses. The Limbaugh Party was just run over by the steamroller of history.

Dear Republicans: It's 1856, and you're Whigs.

“Republicans: So Completely Fucked.”

  1. Anonymous wj Says:

    Some of us Republicans listened. Heck, some of us Republicans actually supported him.

    But you are correct about one thing. Either we sane Republicans manage to wrest our party away from the theocrats and other ideologues who current control it, or we start looking around for a viable alternative party. Which, at least in California, can't be the Democrats -- who are totally in thrall to the public sector unions.

    Is there today an issue as big as slavery was, to give an alternative party something to rally around? Maybe a fai9lure of imagination, but I'm not seeing one. Yet.

  2. Anonymous B.Poster Says:

    The stimulus plan is unlikely to stimulate the economy and it will only saddle us with even more debt than the country already had. In other words this stimulus plan will likely do nothing to stimulate the economy and it will only finish bankrupting the country. The Republicans did the right thing in opposing this spending plan.

    With this said the Republicans don't have much credibility on spending or much else these days. The Republicans may in fact be the Whigs of the early 21st century. Frankly I would say good riddance if they dissapeared all together.

    The prospects for the Democrats are not much better. Perhaps they can use groups like ACORN to steal elections but this will only last so long. Once the stimulus plan completely fails, this may open the way for viable new parties that can do a better job.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says: