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Focus You Idiots

You know, I get that the AIG bonus thing makes for lots of fun cable news outrage.   For 24 hours.  But we're past that now.  So could we please, for Christ's sake, get back to something actually important?  

This is the equivalent of a cable news missing-blonde obsession.  And unfortunately the cretins in Congress can't manage to tear themselves away from the chance to ramble and spout and pontificate on this easy target.

Move the fuck on.  Honest to God, we have actual fucking problems.  Problems with trillion dollar price tags.  Jesus Christ on a goddamned pogo stick: fucking  focus!  


“Focus You Idiots”

  1. Blogger Tom Strong Says:

    It's Schiavo all over again.

  2. Blogger fabius.maximus.cunctator Says:


    The cretins are smarter than you think, well, slightly.
    Distracting sheeples attention with bogus outrage or enthusiasm (remember Jessica Lynch) about something or other isn`t exactly new.
    At the very latest the Greeks may have invented it when they tried out Democracy for the 1st time. Or maybe it goes back to the stone age, who knows.

  3. Blogger David Says:

    I say we change the organization's name to "Move the Fuck On.org."

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm ... no, I think I'd like to dwell on that, as well as the other trillions of dollars the "cretins in Congress" have tossed at failing banks and corporate wasteoids without specifying/monitoring how the funds were dispersed.

    If we "MOVETHEFUCKON.ORG" then they will be sure to do the same moronic thing next week, the week after that, etc. ad nausium.

    Why don't we just "movethefuckon.org" when it comes to prosecuting murderers, child molestors, genocidal maniacs?

    Sounds like a great idea.

    Where's my machete?