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"70% of you bastards are no better than Nazis."*

Is it more stupid, or offensive?

Mike Huckabee making an ass of himself:

"Sometimes we talk about why we're importing so many people in our workforce," the former Arkansas governor said. "It might be for the last 35 years, we have aborted more than a million people who would have been in our workforce had we not had the holocaust of liberalized abortion under a flawed Supreme Court ruling in 1973."

Huckabee also spoke adamantly of the need for conservative lawmakers to show no compromise on fighting for a constitutional amendment that defines marriage between a man and a woman. "I'm very tired of hearing people who are unwilling to change the constitution, but seem more than willing to change the holy word of God as it relates to the definition of marriage," he said.

1) That's right, the Mexicans working today -- Saturday -- to beautify my neighbor's yard so that they can further shame my own paltry sod, are there replacing aborted babies. If we had not had legal abortion we'd have more Americans to do the backbreaking, underpaid jobs we reserve for immigrants.

2) Holocaust. Interesting choice of terms there, Huck. The termination of pregnancies is analogous to the shooting, starving and gassing of men, women and children for purposes of racial purity. Those who've had abortions, and those who support legal abortion, including, incidentally, the GOP frontrunner, are in effect, Nazis.

3) He's a conservative who is tired of people objecting to adding constitutional amendments. And somehow those who are reluctant to ammend the constitution -- a position that used to be part and parcel of conservatism -- are related in Mr. Huckabee's fevered imagination, to those who are reluctant to locate in the gospel a doctrine of intolerance toward gays? Huckabee says, "Amend the constitution as needed to enforce my religious opinions."**

Okay, Amba, you've championed this guy. What do you have to say in this theocrat's defense? For my part, I withdraw my assertion that Mr. Huckabee might be a threat to Hillary if he were nominated: under pressure the mask of reasonableness slips and we spy the extremist beneath. And I think we're tired of extremists. Mr. Huckabee combines an idiot's-eye-view of immigration, profound ignorance of 20th century history, a cavalier indifference to the stability of the constitution, an apparent belief that US law exists to ram his particular religious doctrines down our throats, with a complete lack of either experience or special insight on the foreign policy front. Hillary would chew him up and send the Huckster flying toward the nearest spittoon.

* Paraphrasing.
** Paraphrasing. But barely.


  1. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    Hey, I note that Google has no record of any previous use of the word "Huckabuffoon." Shouldn't I get a prize? A stuffed animal? A heretic's ashes? Something?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Drat! Like Amba, I had hopes for Huckabee. (Spurred on, no doubt, but the short-comings of the rest of the field.) But even if this were "mere pandering" it would be over the top. And I have the depressing feeling that it actually represents what the man thinks. Sigh.

    P.S. How about a nice gold star for the cutest new word of the week? Month?

  3. Blogger Randy Says:

    No, you should run, not walk, to the nearest patent attorney and get a trademark on it so that when others use it (and they will) you can make a nice little income from it (for a while).

  4. Blogger amba Says:

    Given the audience, it sounds like pandering, but that in itself is worrying. Ironically, it's come out lately that evangelicals don't really trust him to be one of them -- possibly because they've heard him talking soothingly to moderates -- and maybe that's why he's throwing them red meat just now. He's trying to bridge a gap that may be unbridgeable: you really cannot be sincerely on both sides of it.

    Strangely, I think the Senate might ratify a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage well before one to ban abortion, and for a simple and terrible reason: it would affect fewer people.

  5. Blogger Burt Likko Says:

    Mike Huckabee isn't evangelical enough? Jesus H. Christ on a stick, how much spiritual purity do these people need? He's a Baptist preacher for crying out loud!

  6. Blogger Michael Reynolds Says:

    I suspect their hesitancy has to do with what was -- until now -- a lack of nastiness on Huckabee's part. It's not enough that he be on their side on issues, the hardcore require seething and fulmination. They need some rage with thir righteousness.

  7. Blogger Randy Says:

    Riffing on TL's comment, I have to admit that there is more than a little humor involved here.

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