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The Alamo

You were my girl.

The Clinton campaign is now hoping to be saved by Texas. By Texas.

I wrote two weeks ago:

I think Hillary is in a lot more trouble than many pundits think. I feel as if the Democratic body is simply rejecting this Hillary tissue. It feels like a massive, systemic rejection.

Only Obama can save her now. He needs to do something to generate buyer's remorse. He needs to do something to seriously annoy voters. If he doesn't, Hillary is done.

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“The Alamo”

  1. Blogger Pastor_Jeff Says:

    Yes, there doesn't seem much left for her to do except hope for a slip-up or pray for the wave to crest.

    The guy's hotter than the NASDAQ in '99, but will there be a crash?

    Stay tuned.

  2. Blogger bucyrus Says:

    Today's most recent Ohio poll:Hillary 56, Barack 39. Maybe that moves in the wake of tuesday results. Let's stay tuned.

    IMO the question remains as to where Obama's wave crests. He has been winning in all the states where he was ahead for quite some time before the primary. But in big states where Hillary was well ahead a couple weeks before the primary, she has generally held him off.

    I'll take out a nail and my hammer, but I'm not gonna bang anything in until Ohio and Texas have their say. Everyone knew that after super tuesday Obama was poised to have a good 3 weeks, so there's no reason to call it a big surprise.

  3. Blogger Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    I think the surprise isn't that he's winning, it's by how much he's winning. Plus, I don't think Virginia was an Obama state before Super Tuesday.

    I'm very interested to see how my home state votes. Conventional wisdom is that Clinton will win but it's been so dang long since Democrats have had any say in a statewide vote that I'm not convinced. Texas is iconoclastic and extremely diverse. Obama has a shot, I think.

  4. Blogger Ruth Anne Adams Says:

    I feel as if the Democratic body is simply rejecting this Hillary tissue.

    Would that be a miscarriage or an abortion in your view?

  5. Blogger Ruth Anne Adams Says:

    Hillary's theme song to you? [right down to the JonBenet girls doing "Addicted to Love".]