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Bill O'Reilly: Friend To Kidnappers

Thursday, January 18, 2007 by Michael Reynolds

Molester ennabler.

No, that's not an exaggeration. Go here.

O'Reilly is now reduced to publicly attacking children. Greta Van Susteren by contrast retains at least a shred of humanity.

(H/T to The Moderate Voice.)

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Are They Ever Right?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 by Michael Reynolds

So. Let's see here.

The Rightosphere told us everything was going along nicely in Iraq. Lots of school openings, dontcha know. Until Mr. Bush finally admitted it wasn't going at all well.

The Rightosphere told us we didn't need additional force to manage the situation in Iraq. Only panicky fools thought we needed more force. Until Mr. Bush asked for additional forces in Iraq.

The Rightosphere told us we needed to be able to conduct electronic surveillance in the US without bothering with the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court, and only Leftie whackjobs who love Osama would suggest otherwise. And now?

The White House has agreed in a significant policy reversal to place its controversial domestic spying programme under court supervision .

President George W. Bush will not reauthorise the “Terrorist Surveillance Programme”, which allows the National Security Agency to intercept the communications of Americans suspected of links to al-Qaeda or affiliated groups without a court warrant.

“The president has determined not to reauthorise the Terrorist Surveillance Program when the current authorisation expires,” Alberto Gonzales, US attorney-general, wrote in a letter to Congressional committees.

“Any electronic surveillance that was occurring as part of the Terrorist Surveillance Program will now be conducted subject to the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”
It's getting to be a full time job just keeping track of the ways in which the Right has been wrong about this war and this administration. And there's more to come.

My predictions for the next three "breakthrough realizations" from the Rightospheroids:

1) It will turn out that Mr. Bush really wasn't very bright or very involved in . . . well, anything.

2) The Rightosphere will discover, to its amazement, that Mr. Bush has done serious damage to the US military.

3) Finally it will dawn on them that their work as unpaid propagandists for the most incompetent administration in recent memory actually contributed to the disaster in Iraq.

But you don't have to believe me now. You can wait six months and believe me then.

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Wanna Be In Film?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 by Michael Reynolds

This is an open request for help with something semi-important.

This April I'll be in London, Paris, Madrid and either Amsterdam or Copenhagen with a documentary film crew. I'm looking for interview subjects to talk about attitudes toward the US, the Iraq war, and the question of whether or not we are in a clash of civilizations with Islam.

The essential requirement is that the participant be 1) not an American, 2) able to discuss complex subjects in understandable English. I'm looking for locals, age and gender irellevant, though we have a particular need for Muslims.

We are also looking for venues -- cafes, apartment, dorm rooms -- where we can shoot.

Anyone who has useful suggestions please email me at mtakhallus (at) mac (dot) com. Put CWTE in the subject line.

And no, it doesn't pay. But it is fun. And you could be in a movie. Yay!

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Still The Good Guys.

by Michael Reynolds

Props to Ambivablog.

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