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Thursday, November 27, 2008 by Michael Reynolds

Is it too late to do the obligatory Thanksgiving post?  It is?  Excellent.  Then I'll just have to mix a little irritation in with all that sappy thankfulness.

I'm thankful that it looks like we've sold the Chapel Hill house.  
Of course I got screwed.  Remember Shawshank?  Kind of like that.  Albeit with seven months of expensive foreplay.

I'm thankful that I've finally learned to stay the hell out of real estate.
Sadly, I'd already learned that on my previous two houses.

So, I'm thankful that I've learned that I'm kind of slow when it comes to understanding investing generally.
I'll have to work till I die.  And if I live and work another 30 years I'll still be paying taxes to cover the debts of the private dining room crowd.

(Parenthetically, isn't there some way we can line a few of those guys up, tie a Brooks Brothers blindfold around their eyes, hand them a final Cohiba and then run their arrogant, stupid, greedy asses over with a BMW?  There would be your moral hazard.   Not to mention a profitable pay-per-view event.)

I'm thankful to be back in the U.S. of A.  
Too bad it's California, where the state income tax is 9%.

I'm thankful that 2009 looks pretty good for us.  GONE comes out in paper, HUNGER comes out in hardcover, and I'm just finalizing a contract for a second series.
None of which will sell as well as those Harlequin romance novels disguised as vampire stories.  

I'm thankful for my two extraordinary children.
And that I have a really loud voice capable of shocking them into temporary obedience.

And the wife.
Who I can't shock into even temporary obedience.

And that my brain still kind of works.
Except obviously when it comes to investing.

I'm thankful that George W. Bush is leaving.
About 8 years too late.

And I'm thankful that we have a new president who I believe will do a better job.
And help to repair the economy so that I will feel the confidence to begin investing again.

Probably in real estate.

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