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Conversations With the Enemy.

Sunday, April 22, 2007 by Michael Reynolds

Okay, well I seem to have shaken off the kidlit readers who had found me at my previous blog, so enough with the thin veil of anonymity. Fortunately "Michael Reynolds" is a fairly common name and as long as I don't include the book series name on the blog I doubt Google will point a big arrow at me.

For the duration of our documentary film project I'll be blogging over here:


We may add other sites in support but we're starting in MySpace. Our intent is to cut and upload "conversations" video every night from our squalid hotel rooms. Ordinarily I'd want to be enjoying a lovely meal and drink too much but you know me: I give and I give and I give for you people.

Our director will also be blogging on the MySpace page and we'll try to get the producer and the cinematographer to kick in some contributions as well.

We'd all love to see suggestions for the doc. We're laboring to make the entire process as transparent as we can, as honest as we can. I hope to have a first bit of video -- maybe some man-on-the-street stuff or even just some B-roll on the night of the 24th, (London time.) That first day though we'll be jetlagged and bleary so we may just fall asleep.

The first real day of shooting will be the 25th, in London. I'll be embarrassed if we don't have some video up by then.

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