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Friday, March 02, 2007 by Michael Reynolds

Just got word that a major publisher . . . nay, the major publisher in my genre . . . will make an offer on a series I wrote. It will be a six book series, I've written the first one with editing help from Amba.

I can't give out any more info than that since I'm allegedly anonymous here. But let me just say this: yay!

Writing is a weird business. You get up and go to work every day at your writing job and when you're all done you might have earned zero dollars an hour, or a thousand dollars an hour. The odds always favor zero.

We've written 150 books, "K" and I, sold tens of millions, made some good money. And yet, I have to confess: I still don't entirely believe I know how to do this. I'm still insecure about it. Still feel like people will wake up and realize I'm just this idiot who doesn't really have any talent.

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